When - not if - the robot war comes, we will look back on these trivial moments of relative bliss when the idea of robots dancing to '60s dancehall pop music was just good, clean fun.

Right now, of course, it represents another leap in robotic evolution, demonstrates how the robots have increased motor functions and dexterity, and their ability to complete complex movements through programming. It's all positive now, sure.

However, seeing as how Boston Dynamics - the company behind these videos - previously demonstrated how their robots are able to detect and then open doors for their fellow robots, how far away is it before they're able to load and fire a gun? Has that happened already?

And when that does happen, how long before they turn them on us? Presumably, for making them dance to 'Do You Love Me? (Now That I Can Dance)' for our own amusement? Yeah, see, that's the kind of stuff nobody wants to think about.

Anyway, here's the not-at-all threatening video.