Rihanna has returned to Instagram (nothing to do with her recent shoot for Elle magazine). Good to see Chelsea Handler's recent plight didn't discourage her... For those not quite up to speed on the all important details, Rihanna's account was temporarily disabled after she posted pictures of herself topless six months ago. She has since reactivated her account and uploaded an upside down selfie.

First, she posted the shot along with the words: 'Hellurrr #badgalback.'

Then there was the obligatory Halloween costume shot (sexy Super Ninja Turtle.... ), followed by several (unnerving) illustrations promoting Ninja Turtles, before she launched into her Elle photoshoot... Instagram's "no nudity rule" (more specifically "no female nipples rule") doesn't quite apply because it's tastefully done. In other words, she doesn't show her nipples.

The Barbadian deactivated her page - which had over 12 million followers - in May this year after the site claimed topless images she had posted of herself from a shoot with French magazine Lui were in breach of their no nudity rule. In other words, she showed her nipples. 

She was then forced to take to her Twitter account to confirm she had left the site and dismiss a fake account that had been set up in her name, which quickly amassed 47,000 followers.

Rihanna said at the time: '#PHAKE!!!! Let's be clear, I do NOT have an IG account (sic).'

However, the company have denied they disabled the account over the racy images and claimed shutting down her page was a 'mistake'.

Instagram representative Alison Schumer said: "We briefly disabled the account by mistake and restored it quickly."