Last week, news broke of TV and radio presenter Richard Bacon's serious medical condition following a bout of pneumonia.

The former 'Blue Peter' and 'Big Breakfast' presenter, who has been working in the States in recent times, was placed in a medically-induced coma following a tracheotomy to help him breathe, and was in a very serious condition as he fought for his life.

Today, however, there is good news as it appears that the 42-year-old has emerged from his coma and has posted an update on Twitter, telling fans that he was "alive. Or in Lewisham. Or somewhere between the two" and quoting some profound thoughts on love, as he revealed that he thought that he was going to die after contracting an "as yet unidentified double chest infection".

In tweets (since deleted), he said: "So I did 6 days strght in a coma. Been here another 4 since. It’s an yet unidentified double chest infection. I nearly died. At one point, as I was as run down a hallway to ICU at midnight, with a massive needle jammed in my chest (bit like Pulp Fiction) I thought, this is it

"How’s is this going to affect my kids’ lives? Who’s going to sit my poor dad down and say“I’m sorry, we did everything we could”. But then I didn’t die. And I didn’t die because I’m on the NHS . VivaTheNHS. See you for your 100th. By which time I probably will have penumonia."

In any case, good news that he's on the mend.