We've all - in some shape or form - done "The Floss". Admit it.

"The Floss" dance originated from a teenager a couple of years ago when he uploaded a video onto YouTube of him that went semi-viral.

Katy Perry however, always keen for staying on trend, shot the kid to fame by inviting him to join her during her performance on 'SNL' in 2017. It was from then on that he would be forever known as the "backpack kid:" and thus, "The Floss" was born.

Now, after 'Scrubs' actor Donald Faison has voiced his dismay at 'Fortnite,' saying "they jacked that sh*t," "backpack kid" Russell Horning has also joined the fray.

Horning, 16, has been credited for making the dance move a phenomenon since 2016. It's believed that Horning's mother has filed the lawsuit against Epic Games on his behalf, accusing 'Fortnite' and 2K Sports of using the dance without authorisation. He's basically accusing the companies of theft.

In a video interview he conducted with TMZ, Horning said that his mother thinks that the video game "is taking advantage of me."

This news has gone from bad to worse for 'Fortnite' in recent weeks. Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly, and 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' star Alfonso Ribeiro have also filed lawsuits for stealing their respective "Milly Rock" and "The Carlton" dance moves.

Via Vulture.