'Gammon', for anyone picturing a juicy slice of a ham, is a derogatory term for white men who espouses right-wing political views.

Remember those English nutjobs who threw the head of a pigeon at people protesting for housing rights in Dublin a few months ago? Gammons. Middle-aged men who comment "WHO?" underneath any article about celebrities? Gammons.

Collins Dictionary announced its buzzwords of 2018, with a number of them being words that would have made no sense 10 years ago. In fact, they barely make any sense now. 'Floss', which previously referred to dental hygiene, is a dance move now.

The top buzzword of 2018, however, was 'Single-Use'. The word relates to single-use plastics and was highlighted on BBC's 'Blue Planet' series this year. Just this year, the EU voted to ban single-use plastics outright and would see items such as plastic plates, cotton swabs and straws removed as early as 2021.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for gammons, and we're all the lesser for it. Another word announced as a buzzword for 2018 was 'Plogging', which is the act of picking up litter whilst jogging. Interestingly, plogging first became a thing in Sweden.

The word's etymology comes from plocka, which is the Swedish word for pick, and jogging - which we already know.

You can read the full shortlist from Collins here.