"It's a burning tire, a dumpster fire."

Bringing us all together to show us the best "highlights" of the year that has gone by, it's the Reddit Year in Review video. And no, thankfully it's not as bad as YouTube's previous travesty (they aren't even doing one this year).

However, Reddit has decided that yes, we do indeed deserve a lookback video - and their offering praises all of the best and most memorable original content that the social media site has churned out this year.

It's all set to an original country song entitled 'Never-To-Be-Forgotten Kinda Year', which was written, produced, and performed by Dan Bern.

Alongside their video, Reddit has also released a report which shows how much the website has grown this year alone. This year, there were over 303.4 million posts uploaded to the site, as well as 52 million Redditors using the site each day. Providing a throwback in the midst of a pandemic, it turns out the most upvoted post this year was a picture of Rick Astley from 1989.

Reddit said: "In a year marked by life-changing, world-shifting and often tumultuous events, Reddit users came together in powerful ways that reverberated IRL, taught important lessons, and provided comfort throughout the pandemic. They also weren’t afraid to address some of the bigger issues that shaped 2020 — including those surrounding the U.S. election, Black Lives Matter, and climate change — or to show off their creative prowess."

Behold - here's the full Reddit recap video for you. How many of these videos and pictures can you remember from this year?