As we enter into the final months of 2020, it's really hard not to overstate just what kind of a clusterf*ck of a year it's been for many of us.

All in all, everyone's looking forward to putting it all behind us, and with things looking up with regards to a potential vaccine, the outcome of the US election, and the chock-a-block movie release schedule for 2021, we're all hopeful for better days ahead.

Indeed, things are already looking up right now as YouTube confirmed this week that it isn't taking part in its ridiculously annoying Rewind video of the year. The whole thing began in 2010 when YouTube personalities (shudder) got together to highlight the year's trends. The thing went on and on, becoming more cloying, more annoying, and more hated with each passing year.

How hated are we talking, you might ask? Well, the 2018 video is one of the most disliked videos in the site's history, so if that doesn't tell you something, nothing will.

YouTube, like a lot of social media, has had to battle disinformation and bullshit conspiracy theories even harder this year, thanks to the pandemic - and questions are being raised about how much it's done to combat it effectively.

On top of that, YouTube also has faced increased calls for platforming white supremacists and racists in the past, not to mention giving space to assholes like Jake Paul in the process. All in all, YouTube is a reminder of why the internet was a mistake, and nothing good has come from it.

One less awful video on YouTube, in fairness.