Yes, really. That headline is accurate.

As an ambassador of the nation to the world, we've done alright by Michael D. Higgins. He's eloquent and friendly, he's intelligent and welcoming, and he's able to string a few words together pretty well. As national leaders go these days, we're doing OK compared to some others.

That, however, doesn't exactly explain why members of Ireland's very own subreddit has gone out and photoshopped Miggedlyhiggins into the likes of 'Metal Gear Solid', 'Halo' and even anime. You're going to need some visual stimuli to explain this.

Take a look.

The only thing kicked off when an article discussing Ireland's low defence spending led to a suggestion that the government spend its military budget on creating a mecha-suit for Michael D. Higgins to defend us in times of war.

From there, we had 'Metal Gear Solid'-inspired memes...

You also had 'Halo', with Master Chief Higgins aboard the Pillar of Autumn fighting against Covenant forces.

And our personal favourite, racing anime 'Initial D' - but with Michael D. Higgins. Incredible stuff, really.