A new statue of Melania Trump has been unveiled in her native Slovenia, and the online reaction to it has been interesting, to say the least.

As you'll already know, the FLOTUS was born Melanija Knavs in the town of Sevnica. She is arguably the most famous Slovenian on the planet as a result of her marriage to Donald Trump.

Although she's now a naturalised US citizen, the folk of her hometown wanted to pay tribute to her with a statue. And let's just say... well, it puts the likes of the Cristiano Ronaldo bust or the Daenerys Targaryen waxwork in the ha'penny place with its sheer awfulness.

Carved from a tree trunk by local artist Ales Zupevc, it was commissioned by US artist Brad Downey. It depicts the First Lady in the blue dress she wore to her husband's inauguration.

People have a lot to say about it (although strangely, the POTUS has been uncharacteristically quiet...)