Cristiano Ronaldo is a pretty big deal in Portugal, particularly in his birthplace of Madeira, where the local airport was today officially renamed Cristiano Ronaldo Airport. 

As part of the ceremony, a bronze bust made in the likeness of Ronaldo was unveiled in the airport and it's really something. 

In fairness to him, the Portuguese star put a brave face on and embraced it as best he could.

Needless to say though, Twitter went into meltdown. Here's some of the best reactions. 

It's actually Madeira Airport Felicity but whatever that's besides the point.

Some felt that rather than looking like Cristiano Ronaldo, the bust actually resembled other famous stars.

We can't see it. Some speculated as who could have been the mastermind behind the bust.


One guy actually liked it.

While others were just amazed at how bad it was.