While most of today's tabloids are reporting on the 'Hunt for Peaches' killer!' (AKA the drug dealer who purportedly supplied her), The Sun has chosen a different tack. According to the paper, Peaches had allegedly been attending a rehab clinic in Kent a number of times to collect metahdone.

The 25-year-old - whose death last month was 'likely' due to heroin - was spotted at least six times at the facility in Maidstone, Kent, but her husband Thomas Cohen reportedly didn't know she was visiting the centre to collect prescriptions for methadone. For those unaware, that's a drug used to help people come off heroin.

A source who met her at the clinic told The Sun: "We were on first name terms but I called her 'P'. I last saw her a couple of weeks ago. She was fine, but furtive. She used to wear a hoodie to disguise herself. The first time I saw her I thought I recognised her and we just chatted about a few things. I said, 'I recognise you from somewhere' and she told me her name was Peaches. That was when it clicked - Peaches Geldof. She said, 'You'd better not say anything to anybody'. She didn't want her husband finding out. She said he was completely straight and that her dad would go spare if he knew anything about it. She seemed like a really normal girl. To me she was a celebrity."

According to the unnamed insider, Peaches - who had sons Astala, two, and Phaedra, 12 months - claimed Tom wouldn't understand: "She said she didn't want her family or her husband to know about the drugs and it was top secret. She used to arrive on her own. She was on a script and had to turn up weekly. She was most concerned about her husband. She said, 'You won't believe it he's a really straight family man. I married a really straight really nice bloke. He won't understand, it would affect my kids'."

In 2008, Peaches was reported to have stopped breathing after a drugs overdose and had to be revived. Two years later, an American blogger posted an account of an alleged one night stand with the British star and claimed they had taken heroin together.

Her publicist later denied the allegations.

I was listening to Matt Cooper yesterday evening. He had Dr. Harry Barry, a mental health specialist, on to discuss the impact of substance abuse on a teenagers' brain, if they started using drugs before the age of 16: "There is a lot of evidence to show that it kind of almost resets the dopamine system in the brain, which makes you very predisposed to becoming addicted when you're in your early 20s onwards... this is a girl who got into major emotional distress over the death of her mother at a crucial stage in her life... her way of managing to cope with her emotional stress was to use substances... if you come from an addictive family, you're going to follow one of two paths."

That would explain a lot.