Gillette have released a brand new advertising campaign that has garnered attention online.

Re-branding itself slightly, Gillette are still using the tagline of "The best a man can get" but have given it a fresh 2019 update. They're posing the question - what is the best a man can get? Is it through bullying? By objectifying women? Or is it by saying "the right thing" and acting the right way?

Have a look at the new advert below and see if you think it is a worthy update.

As always with a new marketing campaign that aims to spin a trending topic on it's head, social media users have been voicing their opinion on Gillette's new advert.

First, here is the positive feedback.


And now, the oh-so-crushing negative feedback.

And it will come as no surprise to you, that Piers Morgan is on the no side too.

What do you make of Gillette's new campaign? Let us know your opinion in the comments.