Really, at 92 years old, you'd imagine Dick Van Dyke has better things to be doing with his life than dealing with an utter bell-end like Piers Morgan.

He's Dick Van Dyke, for crying out loud. He was in 'Diagnosis: Murder'. He was in the original 'Mary Poppins' and the upcoming sequel, 'Mary Poppins Returns'. Hell, he was even in 'Scrubs' that one time. Quite simply, Dick Van Dyke does not need to stoop to Piers Morgan's level.

That's why this little Twitter interaction shows us all how to deal with somebody like Piers Morgan. Words are never needed because, quite honestly, they'd be wasted on someone like him.

Instead, a simple screencap from your eight-season-long television series is the way to go. It says so much more than words would ever need to, encapsulating all the exasperation you'd feel if Piers Morgan tried to use your name to make a point about political correctness.