In a plot-twist that'll please just about everyone - from the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar right on down to shopowners in Dublin - Donald Trump has reportedly cancelled his visit to Ireland.

Details are sketchy at the moment, however the Irish Independent has said that the November trip has now been cancelled and will not go ahead at a later date. According to their source, his entire European trip is currently under review, but that the Irish leg of the journey has now been cancelled effective immediately.

Meanwhile, other sources - include Virgin Media News - are claiming that his trip has been postponed, not cancelled, meaning that the "standing invitation" is still in effect. Several protests were planned for Trump's visit to Ireland, with the infamous 'Trump Baby' balloon being brought in especially for some protest marches.

Undoubtedly, the cancellation of Trump's visit to Ireland is a relief to just about everyone, so let's all just take a break, relax and know that none of us no longer have to deal with any of that crap in the future.