WARNING: NSFW material, etc, etc. OK, formalities addressed; she's worn flesh coloured bikinis, spangly Santa pants, and gone totally nekked - which, in hindsight, rather puts her little pole dance at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards into perspective. All that aside, there is one outfit even her ma/nager Tish couldn't stomach. And here it is. 

As her manager, Tish Cyrus is pretty much responsible for the path Miley has "chosen" to take her career in, therefore you'd assume she'd be on board with the costume choices. This one from September's IHeartRadioMusic Festival didn't make her happy.

Speaking with E! News, Tish said: "That’s the only one I really didn’t like... That’s the only time ever. Now Miley’s 21, so, you know" *laughs*.

So, to clarify, Tish was grand with all these outfits here