No need to point that gun at my head, I'd choose Kelly Rowland over 'princess of insipidness' Nicole Scherzinger any day of the week.

The Mirror has confirmed that "Scherzinger has signed a £750,000 deal to fill the fourth and final seat on the judging panel of The X Factor. Simon Cowell has decided the former Pussycat Doll is perfect to sex up the ITV1 show, despite sacking her from X Factor USA a few months ago. It was hoped that Nicole could be signed on the 'cheap' for £500,000. But the 33-year-old (MY ARSE) knew Dannii Minogue had been offered £1million for the same job and so spent a week negotiating with X Factor execs until both sides agreed to £750,000."

They've made a mistake there. Geri Halliwell would've done it for £100k easily, and - like it or not - she's a talking point, what with her propensity to babble complete shite for hours. Scherzinger may be pretty but there's not a lot else going on apart from that.