As it happens, we would love to see Nicholas swing out of 'Sue Sylvester', complete in matching Adidas regalia, but that's not who he's reportedly dating. Nay, Jennifer Lawrence's ex boyfriend is allegedly enjoying the company of Dianna Agron. He certainly does have a type...

According to a source speaking via The Sun: "Nicholas is very low key, so at first Dianna would just tag along with him to the pub and she’d be part of the gang... No one thought much about it but recently they’ve become very close and are behaving quite couply... she’s really down to earth and loves how Nicholas lives a normal life... They’ve been friends for a long time. It’s early days but things between them are ticking along nicely."

Should further confirmation be required, the pair were "seen kissing in a pub in West Hampstead over the weekend."

As a couple, we'd buy this pair over the package comprising of Nicholas and Kristen Stewart (especially as she's reportedly dating roomie Alicia Cargile). As for ex J-Law, she was seen getting on down in NYC's Central Park with on-off-on-off-on-off jobby Chris Martin over the weekend.