Buffy fans will be pleased to hear that Xander has agreed to enter a 90 day rehab programme in the wake of several arrests (largely after Comic Cons) in the last few years.  His last arrest, involving the alleged choking of his girlfriend, was enough motivation to seek help. 

Speaking via his Facebook page, he said: "Hello to all my amazingly supportive fans. I'm going to be going into a 90 day treatment program to fix myself and to understand the traumas of my mind. I love and appreciate you all so much. I of course will post before I go into treatment. Again thank you for having my back. Life is worth living so let's fucking live it!!"

After receiving a flood of positive well wishes and feedback, he also added: "Hey guys. I can't tell you how much your support and kind comments mean to me. I love you all so much and if I can help just one person by sharing my struggles and how I'm battling them than its all completely worth it. It's been bad for me the last three years and I've had failed attempts at suicide. I really just want to live and love and be filled with Joy. I'm on the long and arduous path to find such things. I'm here for any and all that are struggling through the same issues and I read every post good and bad. I'm not perfect and I'm the first to admit that I've made mistakes but I'm trying and will continue to try until I lm not walking this earth anymore. I love you all so much. Even the naysayers. I just have love."

Wishing you all the best, Nicky.