Niall Horan can now add himself to a long list of amateur tattooists who have made errors in their work.

The Irish singer got fans very excited earlier today when he hinted there could be a reunion with One Direction in the future. Niall Horan also dropped a brand new single, 'Nice to Meet Ya', today, which is very much tied to this latest.

Capital Breakfast radio host Roman Kemp allowed Horan to tattoo his leg when the singer promised to donate £5,000 towards charity. Kemp is hosting five shows in five locations across the UK across 1,000 miles in aid of Capital’s charity Global’s Make Some Noise. The challenge is called Roman’s No Money Road Trip and this tattoo from Horan kicks off proceedings.

It's worth noting that the 'This Town' singer had never used a tattoo gun before and doesn't have any tattoos himself.

He admitted to feeling nervous.

Here's what happened:


It turned out Niall had reasons to be doubtful.

The tattoo was supposed to say 'Nice to Meet Ya', as is the title of Horan's new song. But it ended up reading 'Nice to Melt Ya'.

Here's Kemp's reaction to the tat:


Still Kemp was grateful and later tweeted:


And they managed to fix it up a bit in the end.