It's been three years since One Direction went on their 'hiatus', and up until now, each member has seemed happy to do their own thing and refute any notion of a reunion.

However, Niall Horan has dropped a fairly big hint that he is prepared to get back together with his bandmates Harry, Liam and Louis sooner, rather than later.

The Mullingar man is preparing to release another solo album, the follow-up to 2017's 'Flicker', and dropped a brand new single called 'Nice to Meet Ya' today. (If you watch carefully, you'll see a bunch of Easter Eggs in the video which hint at more new material.)

But he told the Daily Telegraph: "There was no timeline on the gap. I would have preferred if someone said five years, and it probably will end up something like that.

“I’m enjoying what I’m doing, but if one of the lads were to pick up the phone and say it’s time, I’d do it.”

He added that Zayn Malik would not necessarily be welcomed back with open arms, though: "There’s no hard feelings," he said. "He’s doing his own thing and I don’t know what would happen with Zayn if the conversation came up to get the band back together.”

Watch the video for the distinctly poppy 'Nice to Meet Ya' below: