There are some Halloween costumes that are downright incredible for their ingenuity and production value.

Take that Maria Bailey costume last night, for example. The level of production involved is unreal. This, however? This is totally different.

It's a Canadian weatherman, wearing exceptionally tight pants over a onesie situation, dressed as a unicorn, reading the weather.

Ferdinand - for that is the name of this mystical unicorn meteorologist - pranced out for Global News Calgary's weather report and, well, the pants. The pants were tight. Like, very revealing tight. As in, "hey, that guy's junk is absolutely on display there" tight.

This fact, as you can imagine, wasn't lost on Ferdinand's newsreader colleagues, who basically couldn't keep it together as he attempted to read the weather report. It's the level of commitment here that really sells it.

That and the fact you can totally see this man's genitalia in that costume and he went out on TV like that.

Terrific stuff. Take a look.