To mark International Women's Day, we're revisiting a speech that Natalie Portman gave last October offering advice on what people can do to help women and increase equality in the world. The bold, inspiring, impassioned speech is more important now then ever as it marks the changes that are yet to be made for women working in entertainment and other industries.

Speaking at Variety's 'Power of Women' event, at which she was an honoree, Natalie Portman gave advice ranging from not depicting violence against women in film and TV, to donating to Time’s Up, to hiring three women in positions that they don’t ordinarily occupy.

She spoke of being eager for change and one idea in particular sparked loud cheers, applause and appreciative laughter from the audience.

“Stop the rhetoric that a woman is crazy or difficult,” said Portman. “If a man says a woman is crazy or difficult, ask him, ‘What bad thing did you do to her?’ That’s a code word. He is trying to discredit her reputation.”

The 'Vox Lux' actress also drew applause when she emphasized that diversity is crucial.

“If any group you’re in has people who only look like you, change that group,” she said. “It’s an awakening experience to hear from women who have different experiences of marginalization.”

You can watch an extract from the speech and the reactions to it at the time below: