You either believe in fate, or you don't - but this story by actor Michael Sheen is certainly an eerie coincidence, at the very least.

The Welsh actor was responding to a tweet yesterday that claimed that his actual birth name is the incorrectly-spelt 'Micheal'.

Instead, he revealed that when he was born, the name given to him by his parents was actually Christopher. He became 'Michael' when there was a mix-up in the hospital and his parents "went with it".

The 'Good Omens' star then went on to describe how the name 'Michael' was an old family name which neither he nor his parents were aware of, until he did "one of those family history shows". He also learned that he had an Irish ancestor who emigrated to Cardiff during the famine, and that he and his wife had suffered tragedy - but that the name 'Michael' played a bigger role than he ever could have imagined.

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