As Ireland struggles on in the face of the impending doom of Brexit and the economic uncertainty and the existential threat of climate change, it's good to know we still have things we can cling to.

There are things that are still inviolate, and one of them is the fact that seeing President Michael D. Higgins with anyone way taller than him is actually quite comforting. Maybe it's grandfatherly presence, or that he permanently looks like he's about to recite a poem about a donkey, or even just his funky ties.

Whatever it is, seeing Michael D. Higgins out in the world, representing our nation, is a comfort and knowing the sort of dumbasses out there speaking for the likes of the US or the UK, we're doing fine.

So it was that Michael D. Higgins and Jason Momoa met with one another at the UN, as both were there for an enviromental conference on the catastrophic impact of climate change on small island developing states.

Look how Momoa is to see Higgins. Come on, like. If that doesn't warm your heart, nothing will.