Maybe it's just us, but sometimes the mere thought of the effort required to get ready for a night out can be enough to send us scurrying to the sofa instead.

Luckily, we're not Lady Gaga, who had no less than four costume changes at last night's Met Gala. The star first rocked a large pink Brandon Maxwell ballgown, which transformed into a black Victorian bustle-style gown. That gown then dropped to reveal a sleek hot pink number, which then stripped down to her glittery undies with matching platform boots:

Harry Styles notwithstanding, other outrageous outfits included Katy Perry's Moschino chandelier rig-out, which must have been a pain to fit into a toilet cubicle in:

She later changed into a hamburger - yes, a hamburger - for the afterparty:

Celine Dion's headpiece was kind of amazing:

Jared Leto turned up in a Gucci outfit with his own head under his arm:

Kim Kardashian was... well, Kim Kardashian. The reality star wore a Thierry Mugler design for the event:

Cardi B evoked visions of a bloodbath in her Thom Browne gown:

Ezra Miller went all-out, presumably ensuring all eyes (geddit?) would be on him for the evening...

And finally, our own Saoirse Ronan killed it with her classy, Mother-of-Dragons-inspired Gucci gown: