If you've been on social media this morning, you'll be aware that the Met Gala took place in New York last night.

As is the norm, there was the usual array of weird and wonderful outfits on display, from sublime designer gowns to some downright head-scratching ensembles.

None were more eyebrow-raising, however, than Harry Styles' Gucci jumpsuit. The former One Direction singer and sometime actor has been kept a relatively low-key profile in recent months, but his gender-bending outfit has certainly placed him back in the headlines. The sheer-sleeved outfit was accessorised with a pearl earring and black/mint green nail varnish. Put it this way: if your auntie wore it to a christening, she'd be accused of having notions.

That said, the theme for this year's Gala was 'Camp: Notes on Fashion', inspired by a Susan Sontag essay from 1964, so... mission accomplished.

Does Harry pull it off, though? Decide for yourself below...