After a whirlwind few weeks of us knowing that Matt Damon has been hiding out in Ireland all this time, it seems the man is well and truly now becoming a part of the community in Dalkey.

The man of the hour has now recorded a special message to all of the final year of Loreto Abbey in Dalkey, as Matt Damon congratulates Leaving Cert students who will have to have their graduation whilst in quarantine.

Recording a quick message, Matt says: "Hey this is Matt Damon. I just want to say congratulations to the Loreto Abbey graduating class of 2020. You guys are awesome and I am sorry you have to do this from quarantine. Congratulations, what an achievement. Good for you guys. Thinking about you."

Uploaded by Mark Little, he writes: "Now this is how you win the hearts of a community. Our favourite neighbour Matt Damon just sent this video to the graduating class of my daughter's school Loreto Abbey in Dalkey."

Here is that video:

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