As we know, Matt Damon has basically been adopted by Dalkey residents as one of their own since he landed here to film Ridley Scott's latest medieval epic, 'The Last Duel'.

Since then, Damon's been spotted hanging outside coffee shops, adopting local customs with his SuperValu bag, and generally hanging out within safe parameters given the current situation. To those outside Ireland, of course, it looks like Damon is staying in some quaint seaside village.

To those of us here however, we know it's basically Ireland's answer to Beverly Hills and the main reason for that is one resident - Bono. "Most of us have been trying to dodge Matt Damon since 'Contagion'," Bono told 'The Ryan Tubridy Show' on RTÉ Radio 1 this morning. "He's like Johnny No-Mates."

Damon has been renting out the former home of F1 driver Eddie Irvine in Dalkey, and as mentioned, locals have taken him as one of their own. All well and good, but Bono has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about one aspect of it.

"I'll tell you one thing that annoys me about him – all of the locals here have voted him 'sexiest man in Dalkey' which I find offensive," Bono added.

Of course, it wasn't all taking umbrage with his sexiness, as Bono talked about what a good sort he was, and why he's remained here in Ireland when he could easily gone home. "He could have left. He sees the madness that's going on in his own land, and he loves it here," Bono said.

Well, in fairness, when the US President is advocating for people to drink bleach and shoot UV light into their bodies, and walks around a face-mask factory without wearing one in the middle of a global health emergency, you can see why he might want to stay away.