However you might personally feel about Walkers Crisps and their bland and utterly tasteless crisp, the fact is that a lot of people like them.

Sure, they might be wrong and have never known the distinct and bold flavours of Meanies, King or Tayto, or even a Rancheros, but whatever - some people like Walkers Crisps. It's... their choice. Anyway, celebrity endorsements isn't anything new, but bringing in someone like Mariah Carey for Walkers Crisps is another thing entirely.

Per a report in The Sun, the crisp makers are set to pay the elusive chanteuse a cool £9 million to have her eat and presumably enjoy Walkers Crisps. Imagine. She's being paid £9 million to say Walkers Crisps are nice. That's how much it takes, seemingly.

Apparently, the tie-in with Mariah Carey has something to do with 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', and our guess is it's something along the lines of 'All I Want For Christmas Is Gary Lineker To Stop Flogging Walkers Crisps', or maybe it's just 'All I Want For Christmas Is A Crisp That Doesn't Taste Like Air'.

Of course, Mariah Carey's Christmas hit is still a massive earner for her. We calculated around Christmas of last year that, so far, the song has made her $1.5 million from Spotify and around $11 million from YouTube. That doesn't even begin to count the annual airplay it gets, not to mention the fact that it's been turned into a children's book and it's been covered numerous times.

So, yeah, makes sense that Walkers Crisps want a part of that. Of course, the other part of this is that they could easily spend that £9 million AND MAKE BETTER CRISPS WITH IT.