Controversy - the poor man's way of getting the masses to buy your records; they can't hear you straddling a chair in your pants, now can they?

The 56-year-old singer has allegedly taken a swipe at her ex-husband, whom she married in 2000 and divorced in 2008, in leaked lyrics taken from her upcoming 13th studio album.

Seemingly in the song song 'Heartbreak City, she says: "Cut me down the middle, f***ed me up a little. You said I was your queen. I tried to give you everything. And now you want your freedom. You got just what you came for, a bit of fame and fortune, and I'm no longer needed. You tore me into pieces, you didn't have no damn reason. I let you in my kingdom, you helped yourself with everything. I curse the day we met. This memory is haunting me. I wish I could forget."

Bit arbitrary. Realistically she could be talking about this dude. Or this dude. Or, in fact, anyone she's ever had a fling with.

She's seemingly also criticised 28-year-old Gaga for "copying" her.

In the track Two Steps Behind Me, she "sings": "You're a copycat, Where is my royalty? You're a pretty girl, I'll give you that. But stealing my recipe, it's an ugly look. Did you study me hard enough? You're never gonna be, you're just a wannabe me. Like a sister all messed-up, who's gonna help you out?"

OK. That's a bit more specific... Note Bowie never had to pen such a track...

And after ALL that, there's no guarantee either song will make it onto the album as she has penned around 50 tracks for the collection, but friends of the bottle blonde insist she isn't holding back when it comes to her songwriting.

A source told The Sun: "They're very harsh lyrics but Madonna really wants to express herself again."

She should just re-release Express Yourself, bound to be better.