Have many did you dish out to the lads this Christmas?

Ah, Christmas. Now that the big day is over, and all of our present-giving and receiving has taken place, it's time for a moment of reflection on what gifts we were given. And how many Lynx shower sets we can get through before Christmas 2021.

Securely filed as one of those "don't gift to someone unless every single other avenue is persued" presents, the annual Irish tradition of receiving at least one set every Christmas was the subject of Paul mescal's latest interview.

Chatting with Digital Spy recently, the 'Normal People' star spoke of which present topped his "no-go" list. He said: "I feel like, you know, a Lynx shower set. I'm so confused whenever I see them in shops.

"When somebody gives you a Lynx shower set, it's never a good sign [laughs]. So when I see them every year, I'm like, 'These need to be discontinued'."

Joking that Lynx probably won't want to do a sponsorship deal with him now, the actor joked: "Yeah! Dammit. But no, I don't know. Let's just say 'nondescript shower sets' [laughs]."

The man speaks the truth. But, we're betting that there's currently a half dozen or so of them floating around every household in Ireland today.

Shower set-hating Mescal has enjoyed a meteoric rise during 2020. Following his breakout role in 'Normal People' opposite Daisy Edgar-Jones, the theatre actor has a couple of projects on the agenda as we head into 2021.

'The Lost Daughter' will be the first movie role for Mescal, which has been directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal and stars fellow Irish star Jessie Buckley. He will also star in 'Carmen' from French director Benjamin Millepied, which will be a drama/musical.