The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office has declined to prosecute cases against Kevin Spacey and Steven Seagal for various alleged crimes involving sexual misconduct and assault.

In both cases, the statute of limitations had passed meaning that a prosecution could not be brought forward for it. For Spacey, his particular case was understood to have involved an alleged incident that took place in 1992. For Seagal, he was accused of sexual assault against an 18-year old woman in 1993, however the statute of limitations expired in 1999.

Another case was submitted to the Los Angeles County District Office against Kevin Spacey - one unrelated to the 1992 case - for review, though there has been no word yet if that case has been dismissed. Spacey is still under investigation in England, where he faces six separate investigations for sexual misconduct, harassment and assault.

The actor, who has not been seen publicly since the allegations came to light, made headlines recently when what is likely to be his last starring role in a movie - 'The Billionaire Boys Club' made less than $1,000 on its opening weekend in the US.