Timothée Chalamet has opened up in a recent interview about his career and revealed some advice he got from Leo.

Speaking to Vogue, Chalamet shared the wisdom imparted from his 'Don't Look Up' co-star.

The main piece of advice? “No hard drugs and no superhero movies.”

Pretty solid advice for someone who wants to prolong their acting career and not get pigeon-holed. It's something DiCaprio has first hand-experience with. From being a teenage heartthrob to the accomplished, multi-faceted actor he is today, there's a lot of similarities to where he was 20 years ago and where Chalamet is today.

“I had a delusional dream in my early teenage years to have, in my late teenage years, an acting career,” Chalamet said. Despite a wave of early acting success, he said the pandemic left him feeling unprepared for adulthood.

“I should have been trying to get my adult feet under myself a little bit earlier than I did,” he admitted. “I found myself having to really, you know, be honest with myself that where I’ve been able to get myself to in life was balls to the wall, like throwing everything at [it] at a young age that, by some miracle, got me to where I am.”

From reading this, and other recent interviews, it seems like young Timmy well and truly has his head screwed on. Not giving in to easier project choices, Chalamet has explored more interesting roles while retaining the title of "generational talent."

Shooting to fame in the 2017 Luca Guadanigno film 'Call Me By Your Name,' The 26-year-old has gone on to star in mega-movie 'Dune', 'The French Dispatch' and 'Little Women'.

Chalamet re-unites with Guadagnino for his next project 'Bones and All' where he plays a road-tripping cannibal in 80's America. He also plays the title role in the upcoming 'Wonka'.

Just don't expect any superhero movies anytime soon.

'Bones and All' arrives in cinemas November 23.