Timotheé Chalamet became a heartthrob and a household name following his Oscar-nominated performance in 'Call Me By Your Name' in 2017, but his reunion with director Luca Guadagnino his left in him a rueful mindset.

Chalamet stars as a young cannibal lover in 'Bones and All', and Chalamet says playing a young man in the 1980s left him wishing for a world without social media.

At a press conference at the Venice Film Festival, Chalamet said he was fortunate to grow up in an era without social media.

"To be young now, and to be young whenever—I can only speak for my generation—is to be intensely judged," said Chalamet.

"I can’t imagine what it is to grow up with the onslaught of social media, and it was a relief to play characters who are wrestling with an internal dilemma absent the ability to go on Reddit, or Twitter, Instagram or TikTok and figure out where they fit in."

"I’m not casting judgement,” he said, and added that "you can find your tribe there (on social media)".

"I think it’s hard to be alive now. I think societal collapse is in the air. That’s why hopefully this movie will matter."

On a brighter note, Chalamet said he was very eager to work with director Luca Guadagino again after the smash success of 'Call Me By Your Name'.

"The story is about someone who’s on a prophecy—on a path, and can’t get off it" the Oscar-nominated heartthrob said.

Chalamet took time out of his schedule from making a sequel to 'Dune' to squeeze in a reunion with the Italian director.

"I was dying to work with Luca again to tell a story that was grounded like the first story we told, only this time in the American Midwest in the ‘80s about people that are disenfranchised in every way possible."

Fans won't have long to wait for 'Bones and All', with the film hitting cinemas in November.