If you ever thought to yourself that a convention of Santas sounds like a lovely idea, guess again.

Although 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' is off-air until February, they posted a special web exclusive video that details the truly messed-up history of SantaCon and its history of debauched mayhem.

Again, to clarify, this is SantaCon we're talking about. Not Burning Man. Not some biker's funeral or any other place where you'd think this kind of debauchery should exist. This is a convention for Santa Clauses to come dressed up as Santa. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, just how messed up can you actually get here?

Well, remember that movie 'Bad Santa' with Billy Bob Thornton? Yeah, that's the jumping-off point for SantaCon. It gets... so much worse. So, so much worse.