Although it's well known that child actors don't always end up with happy lives once they hit puberty, there's been plenty of exceptions to the rule.

So, with that in mind, we've compiled a quick list of some child actors just to remind ourselves that, y'know, they're still around.


6. BRETT KELLY from Bad Santa

Remember this little fella? It's kinda crazy to think that Bad Santa is now thirteen years old and, sure enough, Brett Kelly's a young man now. At 22, Kelly's basically retired from acting and is focusing on his studies in college.



5. LARISA OLEYNIK from The Secret World of Alex Mack, Babysitter's Club

Larisa Oleynik will always, ALWAYS be Alex Mack to us. Since then, she's turned up in Mad Men, Pretty Little Liars and Hawai'i Five-O.




4. JONATHAN LIPNICKI from Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little, Dawson's Creek

We now have the fact that the human head weighs eight pounds committed to memory, thanks to this little dude. Of course, he's no longer a cute toddler, but a 25-year old actor who turned up most recently in a TV series called MotherLover. As it stands, he's well able to rip the p*** out of himself, as this little comedy video he starred in shows.



3. THORA BIRCH from Hocus Pocus, American Beauty, Patriot Games

Although we all know her from American Beauty, she also starred in nostalgia classic Hocus Pocus. More recently, she's been starring alongside Lost's Josh Holloway in sci-fi series Colony.



2. JAKE LLOYD from The Phantom Menace

Ooof. Jake Lloyd basically gave up on acting almost right after The Phantom Menace and, as he describes it, the film basically ruined his life. Just recently, he was arrested after a high-speed chase with police.


1. MARA WILSON from Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, Miracle On 34th Street

Just before Robin Williams' untimely passing, a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel was in the works. Mara Wilson, however, publicly stated that she'd had no involvement with it whatsoever. She's given up the acting gig and is now a full-time novelist and writer. She also turns up on cult podcast Welcome To Night Vale, which you should really listen to.