Joe Biden's inauguration has kicked off - and all of the women are stealing his thunder.

And quite rightly so. Now that Donald Trump has flown away on his *tiny* chopper, the next US president can be sworn in in what will go down as a historic inauguration. And not because of what came before it (well, yes, that too), but also because of how much Lady Gaga, JLo, and Michelle Obama stole the show.

Poor Joe and Kamala - but hey, they have four years of the limelight still to go. Biden will become the 46th President of the United States from today.

Taking her place in front of the crowd in Washington, Lady Gaga arrived wearing a dress adorned with a rather large golden pin of a dove - a sign of peace and love.

She belted out the US National Anthem, while Jennifer Lopez gifted us with a medley of patriotic songs (and 'Let's Get Loud').

And yes, the similarities between Lady Gaga and 'The Hunger Games' were noted, the praise for Michelle Obama's sheer beauty was celebrated, and the joy of hearing JLo speak Spanish all began to roll in. And so did the memes.

Here's the best reaction to Joe Biden's inauguration that we've spotted so far.