Oh no, Kim. It's bad enough that you have the worst cry face EVER, that you're getting married to an absolute gobshite who considers the pair of you to be above the rest of us mere mortals, never mind the fact that you're famous for little more than a sex-tape but WOW, this is a new low, even for you.

As per Radar Online, Kim Kardashian considered herself a do-gooder holding a charity eBay event for victims of the Philippines typhoon disaster. What people weren't aware of, until now, is that she has allegedly intended on giving only 10% of the money to the victims and keeping the other 90% to herself.

Who does her PR? Who thought this would serve to improve her media image? Why only do 10% of a good deed? Surely you have enough money to be getting on with? Evidently this was never intended as a selfless act; Kim merely wanted to come across as a good person, doing something for others, but really it was just so that she'd look like the charitable sort when underneath it all she'd rather keep the money to buy herself some more dresses that look like Mrs Doubtfire's hand-me-downs or your granny's couch covers.

So she's not just 'greedy' and 'selfish', she's underhandedly making a profit off of these people in need. Complete exploitation. The absolute nerve.

Surely though the charity and event organisers would have agreed in advance on the percentage that she would be donating?

Selling herself as a Mother Teresa type via the auction, Kim said that a "portion of the proceeds… are going to International Medical Corps, a nonprofit organization that provides critical health services on remote islands where families are struggling to access medical care and basic resources like food, clean drinking water and vital medications."

What she failed to clarify, however, was just how small that portion was going to be.

Numerous people, once fans of Kim, have commented on her blog to voice their thoughts on this ridiculous, almost insulting gesture: "If this is true, I feel you are using the victims of that disaster for your own personal gain" said one person, echoing the sentiment of the rest of the population to have read this story.

While others took to saying such things as: "How can you even sleep at night? If this is indeed all facts, you would easily make the list of the top sleaziest profiteers in history. Using the poor victims of one of the most devastating natural disasters, to fatten your own pockets is unfathomable. It makes me sick to my stomach" and "If this indeed is true, shame on you."

There's little else we have to say on the matter. Disgusting.

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