There was a time we would have laughed off the prospect of a reality TV star going into politics, but given who is currently resident in The White House, we wouldn't rule anything out anymore.

Kim Kardashian has been quite the activist of late, between getting President Trump to pardon a prisoner and trying to convince Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to introduce an edit button to his social media site. It seems she may have got a taste for it too and while she hasn't exactly made any declarations of intent, she hasn't ruled out running for political office.

In an interview on CNN’s The Van Jones Show, Kardashian said she had no political plans at the moment but "I guess never say never".

"But that’s not going to be like, Kim’s running. That’s not where I am."

Still though: Never. Say. Never.

America, you wouldn't put Kim and Kanye in The White House, right? Right??