Chicken fillet rolls never tasted so... finger-licking good?

Legend has it that this has been in the making for quite some time (or at least there have been rumours flying around for as long as we can remember). KFC Ireland is finally launching their very first Ireland-only menu item - and it's a staple that has gotten us through some of the toughest hangovers of our lives - the decadent chicken fillet roll.

If you're beginning to tire of your local corner shop's chicken fillet roll's efforts these days, then head over to your nearest Colonel Sanders' food establishment to see for yourself if it's worth salivating over.

The KFC chicken fillet roll will come with either the fast-food chain's Original Recipe chicken in a baguette with cheese, black pepper mayo, and lettuce, or for those who prefer theirs a bit spicier, they can get the Zinger fried chicken baguette with cheese, spicy Supercharger sauce, and lettuce.

The KFC chicken fillet roll and a drink will cost €4.95. This limited menu item is only available in the Republic of Ireland from this Bank Holiday Monday, June 7 until Sunday, August 1.

Will you be grabbing one on launch day? Let's remember to keep it calm and collective, people - we don't want what happened to Krispy Kreme to happen to KFC.