We've all been there (or are currently there) - bickering with the other half while inside the four walls of the house. It happens.

Well, in a new series for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', the TV host has enlisted the help of a well-known couple to act out a scene for a new segment which he is calling "Dumb Couple Fights". For the first episode, husband and wife Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick act out a brief argument all about the delicious subject of ice cream.

The brief scene offers up a glimmer of relativity in these times we're living in, with a lot of couples who are cooped up together managing to bicker about the funniest of things. Eating ice cream should be a joyous occasion, but Miss Rona might have other plans, unfortunately.

The scene has been influenced by a fan of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', who wrote into the show to explain a situation between himself and his boyfriend. He doesn't like mint chocolate chip ice cream (a sin), while his boyfriend likes both mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream. Hence, when cookies and cream in being shared by both of them - the boyfriend looks like an ice cream fiend.

And here's Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick and their interpretation of how they think the drama went down, which feels all-too relevant in these times.