Soooooo, Brian said this in an interview, so then Kerry said this on Twitter:

"I will never let anyone take away my first marriage not even my ex husband!"


"We may have been young but I knew full well what I was doing!!! And never in a million years would I ever dismiss it, especially bringing two amazing children into it... Love mummy xxx."


"Just want my children to know there were made with love and no regrets #eyeswideopen."

Then Brian replied:

"@KerryKatona7 agreed. Now for the sake of our innocent children for once in your life, shut up and move on."

Yeah, you've both got points, but at the risk of sounding like I care - it was a pretty needless thing to say Brian. Very mature. Which is probably why you thought you got married at "18 or 19" as opposed to your actual age at the time which was 22.