Without a doubt, we are truly living in the Summer of Keanu and if this petition goes through, it'll be the Year of Keanu.

A petition on Change.org is now pushing to make that a reality by calling on venerable magazine Time to name Keanu Reeves as the 2019 Man of the Year. As it stands, just over 1,200 people have signed and proclaimed their love for Keanu Reeves - and no doubt that the petition will cross a couple more thousand by the end of the week.

For his part, Keanu Reeves has said that the love and ardour (it means enthusiasm, look it up) that the internet projects onto him is quote, "wacky", but you know what? We need this. We all need this. So many of our cultural heroes comes with baggage, or some kind of reticence to embracing them fully. Keanu Reeves doesn't have that.

The guy's been plugging away, doing the work, and being extra polite to everyone for years - so why not let him have this moment? Christ, the world is hard enough as it is, and we all need a faint glimmer of hope in something in order to continue struggling in this late-capitalist dystopia.

If venerating a man like Keanu Reeves, who is as nice in person as he really seems, then why not? Give him Man of the Year, Time Magazine. You put that useless piece of s**t Donald Trump on the cover enough times.