It only took eight months, but we got there in the end. According to Rolling Stone magazine, he reached a deal to plead guilty to 2 misdemeanor charges related to his drag-racing jaunt on Miami beach - those being careless driving and resisting arrest. As a result, he must complete 12 hours of Anger Management classes (shouldn't be a problem, he'll just chat to his mate Chris Brown), donate $50k to charity (again, shouldn't be a problem considering he's recent charitable endeavors), and pay a $500 fine. Ah here, now, that fine is going RIGHT overboard.

Of course, we jest. And we shouldn't, because driving recklessly  - especially under the influence - is no laughing matter. Therefore, the powers that be are also making Bieber watch "a series of videos about the consequences of drunk driving."

So, why did Bieber plead guilty? If he didn't admit to the two lesser charges, he could have been done for the DUI charge and therefore face a heftier punishment. This way, he gets to avoid it. The justice system, everybody!

Bieber did not attend the hearing himself, so County Judge William Altfield can only hope the following sentiments he imparted in court are passed on to him: "I hope that [Bieber] realizes that his actions not only lead to consequences that affect him but... affect others that are looking up to him as a role model... He just hopefully will get the message. He will grow up. He will use his talents positively for young persons."

At the moment, Bieber is busier forking over $80k for egging a neighbour's house, and awaiting his fate regarding the two assault charges he has looming over him.