I've been holding back doing something on this 'cause Jude Law quite literally bores the head off me. Yes, he's tried his best to be interesting, what with doing the nanny behind Sienna Miller's back; hanging around festivals with Lily Cole; getting a randomer he found outside his stage door pregnant; and then getting back with Sienna Miller before splitting a while later, but that doesn't stop him from being fundamentally mind numbing. He may carry out the odd act of note, but is he interesting? Like, has he ever said anything interesting? Ever.

News International reporters seemed to think he was interesting (or not, and that's why they had to hack his life apart to get something worth reporting on), so he's after receiving €155k compensation for the invasion.

Others who also received money (they don't essentially need) include Ashley Cole, Sadie Frost, John Prescott, Gavin Henson, a friend of Prince William and Harry called Guy Pelly, and a few others, who's collective damages come to approximately €771k.

Those who also got compensated include Shaun Russell "whose wife and daughter were killed in Kent in 1996, and Sara Payne, the mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah."

I know no one - celebrity or otherwise - deserves to have their phone hacked, but let's just say the latter two were most deserving.