Is this a first line of an article, or is it just an opening statement?

How do you follow something like that? Do you remember Jonathan Frakes, from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'? Did you know he also had a TV show called 'Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction'? Are you aware it was almost always opened with seemingly random questions?

Did you notice that, so far, we've only just asked questions so far? Is it annoying you yet? Did you know the internet loves Jonathan Frakes asking questions? How many times would you think a video of Jonathan Frakes asking questions would be viewed and retweeted?

Did you say over a million views? Do you realise that you're right? Do you also know that we're still asking you questions? What's your favourite colour? Do you think Maura from Longford is going to survive another week in 'Love Island'? Why did we go into 'Love Island', when we're talking about a viral video?

Was it just for SEO purposes? Or was it simply because we want to know what you think? Who knows? Is this video? Is this the end of our questions?