Although he'll always be Commander Riker to us, Jonathan Frakes has forged a career post-Star Trek: The Next Generation as one of TV's most in-demand directors.

In fact, his IMDb credits as director include Leverage, Castle, Burn Notice, Agents of SHIELD, The Librarians, and will soon include Star Trek: Discovery. Frakes has been confirmed to direct an episode of the upcoming series, although details are light on the episode itself. Speaking to EW, Discovery showrunner Aaron Herberts pointed out that the cast of the show is "dying to work with him."

According to CBS, the first series is being split into two chapters, with the first going out November of this year and the second going out in January. Discovery's been delayed a number of times and expectations are incredibly high for the series - but with a strong director like Frakes behind the camera, it has to work out.

Star Trek: Discovery hits Netflix 24 hours after its airing in the US.


Via EW