Johnny Depp is a very self aware individual. Why, only recently myself and the hubby were looking at a Graham Norton best off and both simultaneously exclaimed "He's starting to look like Shane McGowan".

There's a certain looseness to his style that has always been there, but now he's fully embracing it. By way of an example, here he is at the Grammys last week. We didn't recognise him either, which is possibly why he finds the look alluring. 

Still it's not all bad. He's is a wonder for all the senses. Speaking at the Hollywood Beauty Awards on Sunday the actor said: "When I met people they said, ‘You do look like a hobo, but you smell really good.’ And goddamn it... I smell really good!" Given he's the face of Dior's men's smellies he's probably contractually obliged to smell really good. 

Then he seamlessly segwayed into the following: "It is an honor to be here - and I never thought I'd say this - to present the 2016 fragrance of the year award for Dior Sauvage. I had a really great time working with them, to collaborate with them on their first fragrance for fellas since the launch of Dior Homme in 2008.”

While he does have fella fragrances to promote, he has just unwittingly given fans a licence to try smell him given the opportunity. 

Via Vanity Fair