There's always a few TV shows from your childhood that, on closer inspection with the benefit of hindsight, are baffling.

'Teletubbies', for example, were aliens with giant TVs in their stomachs. Horrifying when you think of it now. There's that conspiracy theory that the Cabbage Patch Kids were made by the CIA to normalise deformities caused by nuclear radiation. Bosco was genderless, and nobody even batted an eyelid about that in '80s Ireland. Age gives perspective, but even with perspective, you can still see the train of thought that makes these shows work.

'John Dillermand' - which is Danish for 'John Penisman' - is a new children's TV show on Danish public broadcaster DR Ramasjang. The central character's special ability. He has the world's longest penis and can do just about anything with it. Whether it's getting caught up in balloons, or bouncing upside down with it. Indeed, the theme song - as translated by RTL - explains that "there's nothing he can't do with it".

Naturally, a TV show designed for kids with the main character having a giant penis is going to raise some issues. So far, the reaction to the show in Denmark has been decidedly mixed. While some believe it's inappropriate for children, others believe that the context of the show is so asexual and that children wouldn't view it in the same way as adults do.

A statement by the TV channel's chief explained that the show was co-developed by Sex & Samfund, a Danish association for sex education, and that the show will continue to be aired as planned.

Here's the intro for the show. To be fair, it's quite catchy.