Bosco is one of Ireland's most beloved television personalities, despite the fact that Bosco hasn't hosted a TV show on RTE in close to thirty years.

Running for a total of 386 episodes, Bosco taught Irish children the value of friendship, music, nature and animals, and being yourself. As well as this, Bosco frequently peppered conversation with Irish phrases and words to make it more natural and understandable for children as well.

However, in all of the episodes and excursions that Bosco took to the likes of Dublin Zoo or.. Dublin Zoo, one particular question never came up in that time - is Bosco a boy or a girl? Or does gender even apply to Bosco?

We conducted a survey on Twitter and asked if, growing up, Irish people considered Bosco to be a boy or a girl or if gender came into consideration. 55% of respondents considered Bosco to be a boy, but 34% said that they didn't consider Bosco to be any particular gender. Meanwhile, only 5% considered Bosco to be a woman - despite the fact that Bosco has been performed by a woman.

According to Wikipedia, Bosco let slip that he was male during an interview on the Ray D'Arcy Show in 2011, admitting that he kept his gender ambiguous for all that time. We contacted Paula Lambert and asked her about it, but so far haven't received a reply to our question.

By all accounts, Bosco's gender - be it male, female or otherwise - wasn't an issue for children growing up and it certainly isn't one now. Bosco has existed in Irish pop culture for nearly 40 years and nobody's really known - or cared, most likely - about it.

What about you? Did you consider Bosco to be a male or female? Or do you think Bosco is gender-neutral?